Community Engagement

The wind turbines might be 20km out to sea, but London Array still has an effect on the onshore communities in the Cleve Hill and Ramsgate areas, and we are proud to play our part in supporting those communities.

From an early stage in the development of the wind farm we have been involved in the community wherever possible.

We recognise the importance of inspiring and teaching the next generation about renewable energy so get our staff involved in visiting local schools to discuss students’ career options, hosting stands at careers days, supporting local events such as the National Science and Engineering week, and e-learning initiatives focused on introducing schoolchildren to global issues such as renewable energy and the importance of offshore wind.

In the wider community we sponsor a number of events and organisations. These have included Kent Coastal Week, the annual sailing regatta in Ramsgate Week, the Thanet Community Awards, Pilgrims Hospices and Thanet Wanderers RUFC.

We have also reached out to local businesses through networking, trade fairs and supply chain events.

Being A Good Neighbour

During construction we worked hard to involve local people in the project, keep them informed about our progress and help them share in the many benefits London Array brought to the area. This included supporting people and businesses in lots of ways, such as establishing a £300,000 community fund, using Kent suppliers and setting up a university bursary scheme.