Before we could build the wind farm we had to make sure its construction and operation would not have a negative impact on the local area.

As part of the planning and licensing process for London Array, we were required to carry out and report on a series of environmental studies, collectively known as an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The findings were summarised in the Environmental Statement that accompanied our planning application. Click here to download a non-technical summary.

The EIA process, which is required under EU law, involved an in-depth assessment of London Array’s potential effects on the environment. We agreed the scope of the studies by consulting with key stakeholders and interested bodies, such as local authorities, government regulators and wildlife protection agencies.

We had to consider the possible impacts of both our construction activities and the wind farm’s operational phase on a wide range of environmental factors, both onshore and offshore. Some of the key areas addressed in the EIA were:

  • Birds, fish, mammals and benthic (the ecology of the seabed)
  • Shipping and navigation
  • Coastal processes
  • Visual impact
  • Boat traffic
  • Noise
  • Socio-economics

Click here to view a full list of the studies we carried out for the EIA.

All the assessments showed it was possible for us to build and operate the wind farm without causing any major negative impacts on the environment.

However, where potential impacts were identified, we put measures in place to mitigate them.

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