Offshore Construction

A building site 20km out to sea

It’s a major challenge to build any offshore wind farm and London Array was no exception. As well as the distance from shore, high winds and unpredictable sea conditions made the construction site a tough place to be.

In March 2011 the first of 177 foundations was installed, with the latest technology and equipment ensuring the project progressed safely and swiftly to turbine installation throughout 2012.

At the peak of construction there were 1,000 people and 60 vessels working on the project. In total, London Array took 5.5 million man hours to build.

The key components of the offshore wind farm are:

  • Foundations to secure the wind turbines to the sea bed.
  • The wind turbines.
  • Array cables to connect groups of turbines together and to the offshore substations.
  • Offshore substations to boost the electricity voltage before it’s sent to shore.
  • Export cables under the sea connecting the offshore and onshore substations.

Our offshore construction activities were managed from a temporary construction base at the Port of Ramsgate. Up to 120 staff operated from it during this time.

Construction Breakdown