A Primary Education In Renewables

In a bid to educate future generations of sustainable energy enthusiasts, London Array has become part of an e-learning initiative.

Focused on introducing schoolchildren to global issues, Oddizzi is an online resource for primary school teachers, and its offering now includes a module about renewable energy and the importance of offshore wind.

Oddizzi founder Jenny Cooke explained: “Our aim is to build a solid foundation of world knowledge in young children, of which energy is an important part.

We believe the world’s largest operational offshore wind farm is an excellent example of sustainable energy generation at work and a great way to enthuse and educate youngsters on the importance of renewables. We were thrilled when London Array agreed to take part in our project.”

Oddizzi focuses on geography and social studies for Key Stage 1 and 2. Bringing together a collection of carefully-managed content designed to meet the objectives of the national curriculum, it enables schoolchildren to gain a better understanding of the people, places and cultures of the world.

Following London Array’s involvement, a series of short videos is now available to show children the scale of the wind farm and introduce them to the people who work there.

London Array General Manager Mike O’Hare commented: “The younger children are when they first learn about sustainability, the more naturally it fits into their lives, meaning we are very pleased to have become a part of Oddizzi’s primary school education community.”

You can see one of the short videos about London Array (produced by Oddizzi) below,

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London Array – A Primary Education in Renewables