Crew vessels to the rescue

Two vessels working on London Array were first on the scene yesterday morning (Thursday 21 February) when a yacht declared ‘Mayday’ after taking on water at the eastern exit to the Fisherman’s Gat, south of the London Array site.

The London Array guard vessel, Mary Ann 1, and crew transfer vessel, Cwind Astute, responded and assisted Dover Coastguard, who were coordinating the Search and Rescue response and who issued a ‘Mayday Relay’ broadcast.

John Bray, Marine Coordinator at London Array, said: “We’ve worked, and continue to work, closely with the local coastguard throughout the construction of the wind farm.  We have numerous vessels working onsite and the MaryAnn 1 and Cwind Astute were the first on the scene yesterday.  They stood by the yacht, which had three people on board, until the Margate Lifeboat arrived and took the yacht under tow to Ramsgate.”