London Array go back to school!

On the 26th April the London Array team took part in a careers fair at Aylesford School in Kent.  The entire student body of the school had the opportunity to interact with London Array and 39 other exhibitors from a wealth of industry backgrounds. The aim of the event was to raise career aspirations and influence the next generation of skilled workers by allowing students to find out about the types of careers in a variety of different industries that they may not have been aware of.

Aylesford School said; “It is becoming more and more important that connections between industry and education becomes ever more solidified. Events such as these go a long way towards helping this to happen.”

The London Array team were on hand at the event to talk to pupils about the project and the types of jobs involved in the operation and maintenance, and skills required, to work on an offshore wind farm.

Charlotte Prett, a member of the London Array team who attended the event, said; “It was really encouraging to see so many students interested in finding out more about London Array and renewable energy.  Talking to pupils about the types of roles we have on a project like London Array will hopefully showcase the varied and exciting nature of the work that takes place and will hopefully have helped students to understand the skills and choices they might need to make to be able to enjoy a career on a major engineering project.”