London Array To Appear In BBC Documentary

London Array offshore wind farm plays an important part in the provision of renewable power, and one of the many ways that power is used is to be showcased in a BBC documentary.

Popular documentary series Inside the Factory is to tell the story of the red double-decker bus and everything that enables it to carry millions of passengers a day – which includes renewable energy provided by organisations such as London Array.

As part of the documentary, presenter Cherry Healey takes a boat trip to the offshore wind farm to learn how the turbines transform wind into electricity that can power more than half a million homes, and any number of other things, such as electric cars and buses.

Bob Smith, General Manager at London Array, said: “By demonstrating the part a wind farm can play in powering an electric bus, this documentary should help people to understand how renewable energy – which can be a distant idea when it relates to something 20km offshore – fits into everyday life.

“It was a pleasure for us to meet the Inside the Factory team and we hope people enjoy watching the documentary as much as we enjoyed helping to make it.”

Inside the Factory: Buses will be first broadcast on BBC2 at 9pm on Monday, 8 August. It will also be available to watch on iPlayer: